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Contemporary Sculptures 

BEAVER LANE STUDIOS  -  Bob Turan © 2019

Windsong I

A kinetic statement in solid geometry

Winding I is the first in a series of sculptures that “dance” with the wind.  The kinetic top section rotates with the wind, catching and reflecting the light.

The construction is of welded stainless steel and polished marble. The stainless “sail” rotates on a stainless steel shaft with ball bearings and moves like a weathervane, in tune with Mother Nature.  The steel base is a 3’ by 3’ pyramid that bolts to a suitable concrete pad. The marble cube is actually built on a stainless steel frame with an internal shaft that is designed to carry the kinetic forces down to the pad.   

The work is ten feet tall to the top of the sail, the sail is 5’ x 4’ x 3’ and the cube is 12” on each side.  The kinetic space is about 4’ x 4’ x 10’ and the work weighs approximately 400 lbs.

This piece is for sale, for more information contact me.   

Exhibited at ARTsites 2015-16 at the Arc of Howard County, Elliott City, MD.​