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Wind Sail II is a kinetic statement in solid geometry designed to confine and define space with triangular planes and gentle movement. The kinetic top section rotates with the wind, catching the light, and its silhouette appears to form and re-form dynamic shapes with its movement.

The construction is of welded stainless steel sheet and polished concrete. The stainless “sail” rotates on a stainless shaft with ball bearings and works like a weathervane, perfect for any location.

The high-strength, cast concrete section of the base is polished in a terrazzo fashion to reveal the inner beauty of the aggregate, and to allow it to contrast with the finish of the steel.  

The work is about 56 inches tall from base to the top of the sail.

This piece has been sold to a private collector, for more information on similar work

please contact me.

2013 - National Outdoor Sculpture Competition & Exhibition,  North Charleston, SC
2011 - Vanguard Showhouse, Albany, NY

Windsail II