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Geode Time Capsule

This the first in a series of sculptures that depict what future generations might find if they cut open a geode grown in today’s industrial world. The sphere is composed of multiple layers of reinforced concrete, with different colors, additives and aggregates. The “inclusions” are recycled gears and mechanical parts that have “grown into” the geode form. The rim of the concrete sphere is polished as if the hollow stone ball had been cut through to reveal the “prize” within.  Constructed of concrete, granite and steel.

24” x 24” x 56”, weighs approximately 400 pounds.

This piece is for sale, for more information contact me.

2017 - At in the Orchard, Park Hill Orchard, Easthampton, MA

2016 - North Bennington Outdoor Sculpture Show, North Bennington, VT
2014 - Artscape - Pittsfield, MA
2013 - Art in the Hart of the City - Ithaca, NY