Bob Turan Art

Contemporary Sculptures 

BEAVER LANE STUDIOS  -  Bob Turan © 2020

​​​​​​A kinetic statement in solid geometry

With the lightness of a feather and the weight of a stone, “Featherstone II” is another exercise in kinetic geometry using circles, squares, triangles and trapezoids. 

The “Feather” is five feet tall made of brushed aluminum and the 8” diameter “Stone” is polished granite. It is designed to move gently with the wind, stabilized by counterweights hidden in the base.

Constructed with a steel frame, aluminum sides, and stainless-steel rods, it is eight feet tall and three feet wide at the base.

It is approximately 8’H x 3’W x 3"D​

This piece is now in a private collection, for more information contact me.

Featherstone II